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  • Summer is approaching and so are the inevitable power cuts. The search for appropriate power back up systems is intensifying with the increase in temperature. With a plethora of options available Diesel Generators have always been the most

  • The diesel generator owes its roots to mainly two inventors, Michael Faraday the creator of first generator & Rudolph Diesel the creator of the diesel engine. Diesel generators of today are the better & improved versions of what was create

  • India is the seventh largest country in the world with a population of over 1.2 billion people. Naturally such huge population creates huge electricity demands. India now is amongst the top 5 energy users in the world and the 3rd largest producer of

  • Buying a generator is an important decision for any commercial or domestic establishment. The right kind of backup enhances the efficiency and output in a company and makes life more comfortable at home. An erroneous decision can lead to a choice

  • A generator is a revolutionary product since it brings clean and affordable standby power within the reach of millions of enterprises, homes and small businesses in case of a power outage. Choose the perfect genset for your small office with