Mahindra Silent Diesel Gensets

CNG PNG Gensets

Get the best CNG PNG GENSETS at PERFECT GENERATORS at latest pricing.

  • Environment Friendly
  • Soundproof and Weatherproof
  • Least vibration.

Mahindra offers worldclass environment friendly CNG/PNG Generating Set with sound proofing of enclosure done with high quality rock foam. The Enclosure is of modular construction with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily. Doors are fitted with high quality EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound.The silencer provided is very efficient in controlling exhaust noise.

The layout of the equipment makes the servicing of the various parts very conveninent. To make the system vibration free, engine and alternator (Single Bearing) are mounted on specially designed anti-vibration pads mounted on base frame. Adequate ventilation is provided to meet air requirement for combustion & heat removal.