• Mahindra make, 1500 RPM, four-stroke cycle, direct injection, in-line construction. Water cooled diesel engine with radiator upto 500KVA.
  • Generator set steel base skid mounted with anti vibration mounts between Engine-Alternator set and base frame.
  • CRDI Engines for 180KVA & 200KVA
  • Dry type Air filter with restriction indicator having filtration efficiency of 99.9%
  • Full flow spins on type lube oil filter
  • Mahindra range [6 Cylinder), upto 125KVA, 12V electrical starter & battery charging alternator, for Mahindra & Maxxforce range from 125KVA to 500KVA, 24V electrical starter & battery charging alternator for gensets.
  • Stop Solenoid for safety shut shutdown
  • Engines suitable to perform in hot, humid & dusty conditions.


  • Generator set supplied with Sound Attenuation Canopy limiting noise level to 75 dBA at 1 meter.
  • Strongly built metallic canopy suitable for outdoor use.
  • Zinc passivated or stainless steel fasteners to withstand corrosive conditions.
  • Emergency stop button mounted on canopy exterior.
  • Fuel fill and battery can only be reached via lockable access doors.
  • Provision for lifting through hooks on the base frame, central lifting also available.
  • Canopy equipped with internal lights.


  • CG makes, 3 phase, 4 wire, 415 V and 50 Hz brushless alternator.
  • IP 23 protection.
  • Self excited, AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) controlled and screen protected. 10% rated voltage regulation.
  • Isochronous under varying load, from no load to 100% full load. Random frequency variation shall not exceed ±0.4 of its mean value for constant loads or no load to full load.
  • Total harmonic distortion less than 5% at full load AC waveform.
  • Class H insulation with temperature rise of 125C over ambient of 40C.
  • Self cooled through fan mounted on shaft.


  • Microprocessor based high reliability Deep Sea & SEDEMAC controller.

The following will be supplied with each set :

  • Operation & Maintenance Manual for Generating Set.
  • Electrical diagrams.