Advantages & Features of Mahindra Powerol DG Sets

Designed in compliance with International quality standards, these generating sets are provided with option of AMF (Auto Mains Failure) Panels and are suitable for basement and roof top installation. These DG Sets are widely used and appreciated by our clients all across the globe for their rugged construction, superior performance and exceptionally low maintenance cost.


  • Fuel efficient engines running on Diesel Efficiency Technology.
  • Robust engine with proven performance ensuring reliability & longer product life.
  • Better weight to power ratio resulting in compact engine size.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Less vibrations &low sound levels.
  • Ready availability of spare parts.
  • Effective after sales service in all countries of operation.
  • 1Aesthetically superior, low foot print, high quality sound enclosures providing optimum cooling for engine & alternator.
  • Diesel engine & Diesel Generator control system at par in its class.
  • Designed to meet the latest environmental norms &certified by Central Pollution Control Board, India

Additional Features

  • Adequate visual indications provided for enhanced worker safety.
  • Fire retardant foam and inside heat resistant. Rockwool insulation for better sound attenuation.
  • Residential Silencer placed inside hot chamber area within enclosure for further noise reduction. Hot chamber area isolated from rest of generator components which improves the working life of components.
  • Top air discharge provision for better sound reduction.
  • Remote monitoring options available.
  • Diesel fill cap located inside enclosure to prevent diesel theft.