Frequently Asked Questions - Power Backup Solutions?

All About Gensets

Gensets are used at all the places where electricity is required. These can be installed at all commercial and residential settings.

A Basic Genset consists of an engine and an alternator coupled to each other and mounted on a common base frame along with batteries, fuel tank, manual control panel and silencer.

Fuel options available are High Speed Diesel, Alternate fuels like natural gas and Bio-diesel blend.

Choosing a Genset

Diesel generators are generally preferred in the market for their durability, lower fuel and maintenance costs and for their strength and reliability.

The rating of the generator you require can be known by a load study. As the requirement varies depending on what you need to power, and whether it is needed to run continuously or only when there is a power outage. To ensure that your load is correctly assessed, you can contact Perfect and our technicians will carry out a load study to establish the most effective solution for your business. Click to contact your nearest Perfect Contact point.

Yes Perfect offers super silent Gensets with the sound level >65dB at 1 mtrs. The noise and vibration levels are very low. Perfect manufactures these Gensets and you may contact us to for further details. Click to see our contact point.

Perfect Generator Technologies manufactures Diesel Generating sets ranging from 5 to 320 kVA and CNG/PNG Generating sets 10kVA to 50kVA for various industrial and residential applications. The engine is powered by Mahindra Powerol and is manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing unit. The main features are: A1 Class governing, low running Costs, fuel efficiency, low vibration and zero leak engine. Click to see our Genset features.

Installation, Maintenance & Servicing

The Genset should be placed in an open area/room which has sufficient cross ventilation. The neutral and body should be earthed/grounded separately. It should be placed on a level floor. The Genset should be protected from rain and dust.

We offer Gensets Installation and Commissioning solutions for our complete range. The site may vary from a roof top to a basement installation. We have a large network of Authorized service network across the country. Please go through our network details on the website to get in touch to our service dealers.

Our DG Sets are warranted for a period of 2 years / 2500 running hours. Batteries warranty is as per their respective manufacturer.

Spare parts are readily available with our large network of service dealers all over India.

The Genset needs to be serviced at an interval of 3 months / 250 hrs.

The Company has a strong network of 148 dedicated Service Dealers, who are ready to provide prompt and efficient after - sale service to our esteemed clients. Please go through our service network details on the website to approach to your nearest Service dealer.

Yes, two Labour free services are provided for every new Genset. The cost of consumables shall however, be borne by customer.

Control Panels/Acoustic Enclosure

A control panel is an electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for monitoring and controlling the operation of a genset.

A standard Genset is usually supplied with a manual control panel. In this case, the engine is started from its own control panel and after the rated speed and voltage have been attained the switch in the manual panel is put on to connect the Genset to the load.

For special applications various other panels can be made to order and some of these are as follows:

  • AMF application: In these panels, the mains/ Electricity Board supply is monitored and in case of failure the Genset will start automatically and the load will be transferred to the Genset. When the Mains supply is restored, the load will be transferred back and the Genest will be shut down after a short cooling down period.

    AMF panels can be relay operated or PLC operated and options of auto start, auto changeover, no break change over etc. are also available.
  • Synchronizing panels: In some cases it may be necessary to run two or more Gensets in synchronism with each other. This may be required due to various reasons like high start-up loads, major variations in load during peak / non-peak hours, limitation in capacity of gensets etc. For these kinds of applications, synchronizing panels can be provided. These can be simple or very sophisticated viz. fully automatic depending on customer needs.

An acoustic enclosure is also referred to as canopy, silent canopy, or sound attenuating enclosure. It works to reduce the sound produced by a Genset. Even though today's gensets have engines that are exceptionally quiet, acoustic enclosures are a legal requirement to keep noise under check. In India, the norms are laid down by the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). Due to the increasing emphasis on pollution of various kinds affecting citizens it has become mandatory for all new Genset installations to be provided with Acoustic Enclosure.

In addition acoustic enclosures also function as weatherproof enclosures, protecting the Genset from the elements. This is important as many gensets are located or installed in the open.