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10.5 kVA to 315 kVA

We at Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are one of the esteemed manufacturers of myriads of gensets in India. We are utilizing pioneering technology and technical expertise in manufacturing these various power generators. We are known as one of the prominent gas gensets manufacturers for supplying highly efficient gas power generators. As their name suggests, these typically work on the gas as a fuel source for producing electricity. Most our gas generators run on natural gas which makes them one of the sustainable gas gensets.

Powerol Gas Gensets

Mahindra with its core engineering strengths and it's commitment to contribute towards cleaner environment, has developed India's first ever gas powered genset compliant to CPCB Il norms. Natural gas generator sets employ state-of-the-art technology, ensuring unparalleled efficiency within their category. The gas gensets manufactured by us are considered suitable for various applications including the industrial and commercial use. At present, we are using different types of gases in our gas power generators that include biogas, natural gas, propane, and a few other types of gases. All our gas gensets are known for offering reliable performance by delivering continuous power supply. At Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we aim to support industries, commercial areas, and residential areas by delivering them with high efficiency Gas Gensets. Our gas power generators are easy to operate and they start quickly in comparison to other gas gensets. We have equipped them with automatic turn on and turn off feature to ensure that they start working immediately. It makes them suitable for the applications that require fast power backup especially for medical facilities or for industries that require constant operations.

Being one of the leading gas gensets manufacturers in India, we are known for offering gensets of varying sizes and configurations. These power generators are easy to install and are of compact size which makes them suitable to install at different places. They are capable of supporting both large industrial applications and small residential applications. We at Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. manufacture these gas gensets using premium grade materials which help us supplying highly durable gas gensets to all our customers. We also offer customization service to provide Gas Gensets according to the customer’s requirement.



10.5 kVA / 15 kVA / 20 kVA / 25 kVA / 100 kVA / 125 kVA Gas Genset

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