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lt panels

With the state of art manufacturing facility, we have wide range of panels covering main LT panels, motor control & power control centre panels, auto mains failure panels and DG synchronizing panels. 

Our solutions

We provide complete turnkey solutions from optimum site assessment, best design, and engineering practice, complete procurement, and on-time project installation and commissioning.

Our highly experienced team and significant technological collaborations across the globe have made Perfect Solar the most preferred EPC partner. Our portable solar power systems are also perfect for remote locations or areas without access to traditional electricity. The Design and Engineering department boasts advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and drafting amenities, ensuring precise and swift design and execution preparation.

Features of our LT Panels

  • Design tested at CPRI for short circuit & temperature rise as per IS standards

  • Form 1/2/3a/3b/4a/4b design, in DOP- IP- 54

  • CNC Fabricated fully bolted standardized designs

  • Computer Aided Design(CAD)systems

  • Panel enclosure degree of protection IP - 54, IP – 55 & IP 65

  • Anti-corrosion treatment

  • Automatic spray conveyrised Pre Treatment plant with 11 Tank Process

  • Painting in dust & vermin proof paint booths & ovens

  • Non hygroscopic SMC bus bar supports for best mechanical & electrical strengths for fault current withstand

  • Provision for future expansion for both sides

Type of LT Switchboards

  • Main LT Panel

  • PCC (Power Control Center)

  • Auto/Manual Synchronising / Load Sharing Panel

  • AMF Panels

  • MCC (Motor Control Center)

  • Control and Relay Panel

  • Control Desk & Mimic Panels

  • Intelligent Switchboards with Computer &

  • BMS Interface

  • Capacitor Panel

  • Feeder Pillar

  • Meter Board

  • Main Distribution Board (MDB)

  • Bus Ducts & Rising Mains

If you’d like more information about our LT Panels, get in touch today.

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