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 LT Distribution Panel

We at Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are one of the premier LT Distribution Panel manufacturers in India. The low tension distribution panel is widely used in most residential buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial settings for the distribution of electrical power. These distribution panels works as a distribution board at these places and are considered best for safe and controlled distribution of power. We are working into this business segment for several years and have acquired great expertise in fabricating distribution panels.


Being the Low Tension Distribution Panels, they are usually required to distribute power at low voltage levels. Though the voltage level requirement remain low for industrial and commercial settings also but they do vary from the residential voltage requirement. We at Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have expert engineers and technicians who design these distribution panels precisely. We leave no scope of mistakes when fabricating these electrical components, as we understand how critical they are. Our engineers always choose excellent conductors and high insulation materials to use in the LT Distribution Panels. All the components enclosed inside the distribution panel are as per the ISI. It helps us produce highly reliable LT Distribution Panels that offer long lasting performance while offering safety to electronic devices. Being one of the best LT Distribution Panel manufacturers, we design compact distribution panels that are easy to accommodate at different places.

Our LT Distribution Panels are equipped with circuit breakers that make them reliable during the short circuit or faults. Be it the enclosure of the LT Distribution Panels or the metal components used in them, they are all resistant to corrosion, making them suitable for long lasting use. At Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture distribution panels of different sizes but they are all compact in size. Being approved by ISO and other reliable organizations, we always supply LT Distribution Panels that compliance with standards. Considering the different environments where these LT Distribution Panels will be used, we also produce fire-resistant distribution panels.


With the constant support of our experts, we are capable of supplying customized LT Distribution Panels. It helps us fulfil the requirements of our clients from different industrial and commercial sectors. We have expert quality analysts which helps us test the LT Distribution Panels on several parameters to ensure its reliability. Being one of the renowned LT Distribution Panel manufacturers in India, we supply them with warranty. To support both small and big industries and commercial sectors, we are offering these at budget-friendly prices.

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